Why do people like Grant Cardone, Tim Ferris and Tony Robbins get the lion’s share of attention from 90 percent of their audiences while most experts are lucky to get fractions of a percent?

…And yet, they were exactly where you are just a few years ago! 

If we set aside the many fallacies that offer no solution for entrepreneurs, — like these popular authorities are different, more special or lucky — and focus on facts, it becomes very clear what the watershed moment was for each of them. 

From Jack Canfield to Robert Kiyosaki, and every other highly sought after expert, there is one common action that changed the trajectory of each of their careers.

 Just one thing…100% of the time. They ALL did it.

The Watershed Moment That Changed Their Lives

What was the deciding factor that took these hungry individuals from being frustrated, and feeling insecure because too few people were listening to what they had to say or buying what they had to offer to where they are today?

I’m not here to push any claims or promises on to you, but rather bring up an obvious fact that seems to slip the minds of just about every hungry entrepreneur. 

This is something you can take about 5 minutes to blow your mind and see for yourself that it’s actually true…

Think of the famous experts you know (Les Dane, Simon Sinek, Brian Tracey, John Maxwell… who ever) and you will see that the common denominator between them all is… THEY HAVE PUBLISHED BOOKS!

If you track their successes — each time they had major surges in their careers or needed to handle slumps — are date coincident with the releases of their books.

I can get into the science and psychological factors that explain how and why books launch careers to their next level, but that’s not for this “short” article nor really very important. What is important is realizing the significance of this fact about books.

The Wrong Kind of Book Can Kill Your Career

Back in the 90s when I was just getting into book writing, I was helping a dot com company with their product manuals. I had to quickly learn computers, the Internet and MP3 technology. 

And one of the owners said something to me that always stuck…because truth has a way of positively influencing us. 

He said, “Rob, you’re at the point with computers where you’re dangerous.”

At first, I didn’t know what he meant, but when I found myself down a rabbit hole with my computer because I “dabbled” into an area I shouldn’t have and it practically destroyed the operating system.

Joel’s point was that we can come to learn a couple of truths, but without a full understanding of something, we can really harm what we’re trying to do. 

In other words, just because someone learns how to load a gun doesn’t make them a sharpshooter! In fact, it makes anyone very dangerous to themselves and those around them.  But, what ever the field or activity, with the right knowledge and training, we become more capable. 

The same goes with coming out with a book to boost your career.

There are a lot of experts who have the epiphany about how a book has turned a lot of “nobodies” into rock stars. BUT…they didn’t know that it takes a certain kind of book. Not just any book will do.

In fact, the wrong kind of book can backfire big time.


This is why so many of our clients at Writer Services have become best-selling authors and are well of their way to the top of their careers.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a marketer who will tell you exactly what you want to hear and that it’s as easy as coming out with a book. The book is 80% of the effect, but it still takes your hard-earned 20% sweet equity to make it happen.

Still, as an entrepreneur, you have to get things done every day, with or without a book, to be successful. You already know that it takes a constant proactive approach to succeed and grow. But when you have a certain kind of book, your relentless efforts become more effective.

And that’s the point. I’m not going to be a complete jerk and tell you that your success is going to be easy. That would be an outright lie, and you know it…no matter how appealing it may sound.

The point is this…


A few reasons why this is are…

A. Published authors are revered in society

B. You separate yourself from the pack as better than everybody else in your field

C. People understand who you are and see you as credible (know, like & trust you)

There are a lot more reasons why books do what they do, but the point of this article is to have you see that:

1. The most long-lasting and powerful marketing action you can ever do is have a book
2. Based on historical evidence, you will likely not create the kind of book you need on your own

Some Great News

Book writing from a true professional writer isn’t cheap. If you can afford to invest $50,000, no doubt this is your fastest hands-free option. 

BUT for the rest of us who don’t have this kind of money sitting around, there is an amazing option for you.

I have put together a process that will make it possible for you to write the right kind of book I’ve been talking about, on your own at a fraction of the financial investment!

My program is called the Book IMPACT Formula TM and it only takes 1 hour per week to work out the specifics of your book to ensure it boosts your career. It’s done by clarifying every vital aspect of your book that will influence your audience and position you as the best. 

Here’s what we can do…


Our company,, has been helping experts, just like you, for the past 21 years to write and publish compelling books and position themselves as leaders in their fields as bestselling authors.

And we’re going to help you get these results:


We will show you the secrets behind having an impactful book that advances your career. We will write it (or show you how to write it yourself). 

An otherwise overwhelming and confusing process becomes as simple as answering a few questions. We’re going to develop a clear-cut outline as your book’s roadmap, and a lot more. 

You’ll know exactly where to start, and every important detail about a book that will directly support your most important goals.

It’s all about what happens in the prewriting stage. This is our “secret sauce” that allows our own writers to write bestsellers. And we can help you do the same.

From this process, you’ll clearly get your readers to know, like and trust you, to the point where they only want to work with you, and wouldn’t even think about hiring anyone else!

When your readers become confident that you’re the person who will help them get what they so desperately want, cost becomes irrelevant. 

There is a little-known method for ethically getting people you’ve never even spoken to, to have their own epiphany that it makes sense to work with you.

This is how you’re going to get more sales from premium clients, and reach the highest levels of your career in the shortest period of time.

We’ll work with you to clarify things like what you want your audience to THINK…, FEEL…, DECIDE… and DO… as a result of reading your book, and a lot more. 

This is just a fraction of what we’ll do together—that only takes an hour per week.

Having a book like this has allowed so many of our clients expand their careers and businesses like never before. It sets the stage for you where every promotional activity you do becomes more effective. 

With the barriers of mistrust and doubt out of the way for your audience, all of the things you do to be recognized as a thought leader are greatly amplified. 


We’ll go over all of the publishing options available today for authors, and the questionable ones you need to stay far away from. The option that makes the most sense, based on your goals, will be the one that we will help you accomplish.

Also, we have a relationship with a reputable publisher that wants to publish the books we work on. You will be given a publishing offer with one of the best author royalties in the industry. 

This would give you excellent distribution power, with your book being available nationally as well as world-wide in countries like: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Italy.


 We will market your book so it quickly turns into a bestseller. 

Best of all… 

We guarantee you will become a bestselling author within 90 days of your book’s launch, or we pay you every penny back for this.


    • speaking bureau booking agents competing to pay you to speak because they know that you’ll bring a bigger draw of people to their events, 

    • people wanting to pay you incredible fees just to hire you for a half day to hear your thoughts about the problem they’re trying to solve,

    • the people who currently wouldn’t give you the time of day suddenly wanting to make an appointment to talk more about how you can help them accomplish something they’ve been struggling with.

The potential you have as a bestselling author of a great book has no limits.

Imagine having a waiting list of clients who want to pay you top dollar for your services. People in high places, who wouldn’t give you the time of day, now wanting to talk to you about your services! 

And who knows, maybe you become the next big thought leader in your field. 

Grant Cardone, John Maxwell, and all the rest, were right where you are today. So don’t think this couldn’t happen to you. 

It starts with having an impactful, high-quality book that positively influences people. When you have that, there’s no telling what amazing things can happen with your career.

It’s the book that matters most… and the only way to ensure you have this kind of book is with the PREWRITING process!

We are so confident in our system that we’re making this guarantee:


With a book that positions you as the best, everything you do from here on out, will be more effective.

The reason we can make such a bold promise like this is because of our track record…

This is the exact process that Wayne Swan followed after he climbed the tallest freestanding mountain in the world. Wayne was frustrated because he wanted to help people to realize that anything can be accomplished when you put your mind to it. But no one would listen to him until his impactful book came out based on this formulated process.

Within a few weeks of his book’s launch, he became an instant celebrity and got media interviews, book signings in major bookstores in his country of Bermuda, and the Premier of Bermuda invited him to the Premier’s house.

– – – – –

Dr. Robert Marx got a publishing deal and went on to become a multi-bestselling author.

– – – – –

Steve Webb came to us very upset because he wanted to help keep children safe in schools, but no one would listen. 

When his book was launched, it became an #1 bestseller its first week out, and has been on the bestseller’s list continually for almost 4 years now. 

He has regularly been interviewed on all of the major national TV networks. 

He also became “Superintendent of the Year”, and after years of speaking for free, Steve now gets paid to speak all across the country.

These are the kinds of things that seem to just fall into the laps of entrepreneurs who have the right kind of book to their name.

– – – – –

These kinds of examples go on and on… 

Duane Marino was already very successful, but he told us that everything changed once his first book came out. 

Duane got a publishing deal and is a best-selling author and his career as a thought leader took off beyond his wildest expectations.

– – – – –

After John Alden’s publishing deal, his book hit the best-seller’s list internationally. And recently his book was made into a movie that received three awards.

– – – – –

We’ll help you have a book that positions you as an admired, credible expert, to help bring you to the top of your field. And if you‘re already at the top of your game, we’ll help keep you there.

Let’s Talk

If that’s all you need to hear, then scroll down to book a call, and we’ll talk about your most important goals and how your book can support them. If it makes sense to work together, we’ll show you how it’s done.

…If you want to know more, keep reading because I’m going to explain why there are so many failed books, and how you can stay out of this trap so many experts fall into.

There’s a reason why so many of our clients are bestselling authors. 

It’s because of the “prewriting” strategy and planning of a book that we do before we write. And not doing this, is the reason why so many books that come out each year have zero impact. 

You may know a friend who spent a lot of time and money to write a book and then when they published… nothing happened! And yet, books are the best way to build or broaden careers.

It’s the ONLY place where people will devote hours or even weeks to listen to what you have to say. Those who miss the mark with what should be in their books and what shouldn’t be, actually damages their careers and can cause major setbacks.

There is a correct approach that has to be taken. Not knowing this is detrimental to anyone’s future success, and yet thousands of people put out lifeless books every single year.

While others embarrass themselves and taint their careers, rest assured that, if we work with you on your book, people you’ve never even spoken to will see you as a very credible expert.

With our process, you will be crystal clear about what you want your audience to think about you and why, what you do, is so much better.

There’s a lot to clarify first, and then you can intentionally write, to make those influences happen, instead of just putting down irrelevant data.

This process enables you to understand your audience’s internal struggle and emotions, and then start at the same point of reality or mindset they’re at… 

…and then take them on a cognitive journey of greater understanding and desire for your products and services.

You will be able to bring your readers to a point where they know why you’re the best, and they’re motivated and want to work with you!

If you’re not laser focused with your book, people are not going to want to keep reading it, and they’ll wonder, “What was the point?!!”

…You’re right for wanting to have a book to take your career to the next level, BUT you have to do it the right way or your book will fail like so many do every single year.

The “prewriting” process is the key to having a book that will position you as the best.

You can write your book or we can write it for you; either way, you need to do this prewriting process first. 

Let us help you to have a book that can speed up your success. Being a bestselling author of a compelling book is the key.

Scroll below and book a call and we’ll tell you more about this process that will keep you out of hot water with your book. 

Robert Nahas, CEO
Writer Services, LLC

PS – Being a bestselling author doesn’t happen by chance. Bestsellers are made, and we can make this happen for you. Book a call right now and we’ll see you on the other side.